Crawler Excavator P319

  • Dimensions(mm) 2780×930×1350
  • Engine Model LIGONG 192F
  • Power(KW) 12

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Products Description


This machine is enhanced type, it is widely used in greenhouse, indoors and landscaping, for example, it can
be used to apply fertilizer, dig deeply in the orchard, channel excavation, plant trees, dig cable trench,
excavate water pipe, and to break indoors. It only takes a few minutes to be familiar with its operation.


1.Improved booms, sticks, buckets, prolong the service life of the machine.

2.Small and flexible, convenient for small terrain and narrow space operations.

3.Structural parts are made of stainless steel or plastic to prolong service life.

4.360-degree rotation, easy to learn, flexible operation, easy to master.

5.Humanized front gear mechanism ensures safe driving environment.


Changchai 192F diesel engine / High-precision multitandem valve / High-quality motor / Nine-tooth spline
gear pump / Imported cylinder, tubing with build-in NOK sealing ring / Adjustable blade / Wear-resistant
engineering rubber track / Adjustable driver seat / Standard bucket / Steyr / Flameout cable


Hammer / Ripper / Log grapple / Rake / Auger drill / Large bucket / Roof / Mud bucket


Applicable to agroforestry planting,farmland leveling,garden cultivation,repairing pavement,basement and interior
construction,farming,vegetable greenhouse and other working environment

Item Unit Parameter

Item Unit Parameter
Bucket Capacity 0.035
Bucket Width mm 420
Travel Speed km/h 0-3.5
Grade Ability % 35
Rated Power p/kw/rpm 17/12/3600
Transport Size(L*W*H) mm 2780*930*1350
Max.Digging Radius mm 2880
Max.Digging Depth mm 1600
Max.Digging Heigh mm 2500
Max.Dumping Height mm 1750


We have prepared enough various accessories for you to choose from for different purposes.

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