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Terrain Forklift

Two and Four Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Forklift for Sale

A rough-terrain forklift truck is a material handling equipment capable of traveling over all types of ground, including uneven and uneven ground. Particularly robust, it remains efficient in the most extreme conditions of use.

The “rough terrain” or “all-terrain” forklift trucks are specifically designed for one purpose; to work outdoors on uneven surfaces. Rough terrain forklifts are used within industrial sites where uneven surfaces can exist, or building sites when offloading bricks in dry or wet conditions. They shine when a conventional forklift cannot move.

When the going gets ‘rough’ these workhorse-like machines provide the ideal solution, especially when working in natural terrain and disturbed terrain construction sites. Enjoy greater maneuverability and accessibility in less favorable applications, thanks to their large heavy-duty pneumatic cushion tires, ensuring easier navigation through rough terrain.

HUAYA is a China brand that rough terrain forklifts. By offering large tires at the front and back, these types of rough terrain forklifts can navigate through tough conditions that standard forklifts such as 3 wheel and four-wheel electric forklifts cannot.

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