LPG Forklift

LPG forklift trucks delivering first-class performance

Our LPG forklift trucks (Liquid Petroleum Gas powered forklift trucks) present an excellent alternative to both diesel and electric counterbalance forklifts for a wide range of materials handling applications. In fact, in many ways, they provide the best of both worlds without the main disadvantages of either.

The benefits of an LPG forklift truck

First and foremost it is financial. Upfront costs associated with LPG forklifts are much lower than electric ones, with no need to purchase costly batteries and recharging bays. Recharging bays also take up valuable space in your warehouse. LPGs are generally cheaper to run than diesel forklifts.


LPG is much cleaner than diesel, which also means that engine life is longer. if you are using your forklift a lot in the entrance areas to a warehouse then diesel can leave sooty deposits within the warehouse so when handling food and textiles in particular you might want to go for LPG or Electric.


LPG is quicker to refuel compared to Diesel and of course much faster than recharging batteries. LPG also stands head and shoulders above Diesel and electric forklifts in terms of power to weight as they have more responsive engines meaning they can adapt to take on a number of tasks.

LPG forklifts that are fit for purpose

HUAYA gas-powered forklifts are fit for a range of purposes, including:

Working in a warehouse racking

Loading goods vehicle

Carrying goods between one site building to another

Delivering a pallet of critical supplies to a production line

Just about any materials-handling task!

Why choose a HUAYA gas-powered forklift truck?

Using liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, these forklifts are highly suited to working in remote locations. Just take a sufficient supply of spare gas bottles with you to ensure your LPG gas forklift can work for as long as necessary. Replacing an empty gas cylinder with a full one is a quick, straightforward procedure, and therefore allows these forklifts to work for any length of shifts.

Like all HUAYA Forklifts, each gas-powered forklift includes easy-to-use features and a range of optional extras, allowing you to tailor your truck to meet the needs of your task. And along with their advanced engine-powered technology, these trucks offer you the level of performance necessary to meet the requirements of your modern business; making them even more dependable, cheaper to run, simpler to maintain, and easier to use, which means greater productivity and profitability for you.

Our gas-powered forklifts offer you a stylish, durable, well-designed, and cost-effective choice for your materials handling equipment needs.

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