(1.2-2.0 ton) Compact Electric Forklifts

  • Loading Capacity(kg):1200/1600/2000
  • Battery Voltage/Capacity: Custom
  • Battery Type:Lead-acid/lithium battery

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(1.2-2.0 ton) Compact Electric Forklifts

Products Description

Compact electric forklifts are versatile and eco-friendly lifting solutions designed for efficient material handling in tight spaces. These forklifts feature compact dimensions, making them ideal for indoor warehouses and narrow aisles. Equipped with powerful yet silent electric motors, they offer smooth and reliable operation while minimizing emissions. Their user-friendly controls and maneuverability ensure maximum productivity and safety in any workspace.

Item Unit Parameter

Item Unit Parameter
Model tower CPC12 CPC16 CPC20
Loading Capacity kg 1200 1600 2000
Machine weight kg 2480 2600 3600
Lifting height mm 3000 3000 3000
Overall Dimensions mm 2710*1100*2150 2890*1100*2150 3010*1100*2140
Wheelbase mm 990 1170 1380
Turning radius mm 1460 1650 1760


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