Preparation before excavator work

25 Jan 2022

Before entering the site, you need to clearly understand the construction conditions and tasks. After entering the site, the relevant safety regulations of the construction site should be strictly followed. Construction conditions and tasks include soil height and depth excavation, underground cables, various pipes, slopes and steel wire heights, graves, tunnels, and various obstacles.

Check whether the switch contacts and circuit insulation are good.

Check whether fuel, lubricating oil, and cooling water are sufficient. When it is not enough, it should be added. Do not smoke or approach an open flame when adding fuel to avoid fire.

Check the hydraulic system, operating valves, working cylinders, oil pumps, and other pipelines for leaks, and whether the actions are abnormal.

Check whether the wire rope clamp and the fixed wire rope are firm and reliable.

Digging when working on rocky soil or frozen soil.

Check, maintain, adjust, and tighten the excavator according to the daily maintenance items.

Place the main clutch lever in the "neutral" position and start the engine. (If it is a crank, please pay attention to the handle and hurt people; if the rope has been started, do not wrap the rope around your hands). Check whether the instrument, drive mechanism, working unit, and brake mechanism are normal, and confirm the correctness before starting work.

After the engine is started, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the buckets, handrails, rails, and sheds.

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