What are Class 4 Forklifts?

22 Dec 2023

Class 4 forklifts, also known as internal combustion engine forklifts, are designed for outdoor use on rough terrains. These robust machines are equipped with cushion or pneumatic tires, making them suitable for a variety of surfaces. The "What are Class 4 forklifts?" question is one that frequently arises, and we are here to provide a detailed answer.

FT4×4 Terrain forklift E

Key Features of Class 4 Forklifts:

1. Engine Power:

Class 4 forklifts are powered by internal combustion engines, typically running on propane or diesel. This engine power provides them with the strength needed to lift heavy loads efficiently.

2. Terrain Versatility:

Unlike indoor forklifts, Class 4 forklifts are designed to navigate outdoor terrains with ease. Whether it's a construction site, lumberyard, or shipping yard, these forklifts can handle rough surfaces effortlessly.

Applications of Class 4 Forklifts:

1. Construction Sites:

Their robust build and powerful engines make Class 4 forklifts ideal for construction sites. They can lift and transport heavy materials, contributing to the smooth workflow in a dynamic environment.

2. Warehousing:

In large warehouses with varying outdoor and indoor terrains, Class 4 forklifts prove invaluable. Their ability to adapt to different surfaces ensures the seamless movement of goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What distinguishes Class 4 forklifts from other types?

A1: Class 4 forklifts are specifically designed for outdoor use, equipped with powerful internal combustion engines and tires suitable for rough terrains.

Q2: Are Class 4 forklifts suitable for indoor use as well?

A2: While Class 4 forklifts excel outdoors, they are not recommended for indoor use due to their larger size and emissions.

Q3: What types of tires do Class 4 forklifts have?

A3: Class 4 forklifts come with either cushion or pneumatic tires, offering flexibility for different outdoor surfaces.

In conclusion, understanding "What are Class 4 forklifts?" is essential for industries that demand robust material handling solutions. Their power, versatility, and applications make them a vital asset in various settings. Whether navigating construction sites or efficiently managing warehouse logistics, Class 4 forklifts continue to prove their worth, lifting industries to new heights.

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