Electric Forklift CPD35

  • Loading Capacity(kg):3500
  • Battery Voltage/Capacity: Custom
  • Battery Type:Lead-acid/lithium battery

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Products Description

It uses a full AC motor with stepless speed change, good stability, slope holding function/slow downhill function, flexible control, low noise, and low maintenance cost.

The oil pump is a TMG ultra-quiet gear pump.

The oil pump motor (lifting) adopts a medium-low speed motor. The rated speed is 2300 rpm. Features: large torque, low noise, slow heating, long service life.

Major components are designed with waterproof interfaces and have fully passed the national standard salt spray test.

The wire adopts German standard protective wire: good quality, high-temperature resistance, and the outer skin will not shrink or age between 105 degrees and 125 degrees.

A flame-retardant corrugated tube is added outside the wiring harness, making it safer.

Adopt first-line automotive grade fuse box design.

Solid tires, pneumatic tires, or environmentally friendly tires can be customized according to customer needs.

Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic pump station and hydraulic control system have low motor speed, high torque, low noise, and low-temperature rise.

The hydraulic control system (multi-way valve, speed limiting valve, etc.) and hydraulic pump station (gear pump and oil tank, etc.) all adopt the Sino-Japanese joint venture brand Shimadzu.

Steering booster: A 5-hole oil supply power steering pump is used to ensure a safe steering system that is light and feels.

Priority valve: takes priority over steering. In the case of insufficient power, steering takes precedence when tilt, lift, and steering are operated at the same time.

Pressure limiting valve: adjusts the pressure of the pump station.

Speed-limiting valve: Limits the speed of the lifting cylinder when it returns, making it safer when the cylinder returns.

The door frame is made of national standard special materials: 20 manganese, silicon, and vanadium, which are elastic, wear-resistant, and fatigue-resistant.

The tilting cylinder is built-in, which makes the driving platform clean, safe, and easy to clean.

Top guard: Made of 40*80*5 enlarged and thickened tubes. The roof has passed the 2T parabolic test. The top guard and the body are integrally welded to be safer and more reliable.

The roof has a fence-type design, and the headlights extend to the outside to the extreme, making the front, rear, and upper lines of sight wider and more comfortable.

The cab is designed using advanced ergonomic principles, with forward-inclined cab pedals, an adjustable small-diameter steering wheel, and Toyota’s fully suspended and adjustable safety seats, making driving an enjoyment.

Item Unit Parameter

Item Unit Parameter
Model CPD35
Power type Electric
Mast type stages 2/3
Loading Capacity kg 3500
weight (with battery) kg 4000
Tire Type Solid/inflatable tires
Overall dimensions (including forks) mm 3860*1220*2180
Fork size mm 1070
Turning radius mm 2480
Drive/lift motor power kW 11.5/12
Battery Voltage/Capacity Ah custom


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