Electric Forklift CPD20

  • Loading Capacity(kg):2000
  • Battery Voltage/Capacity: Custom
  • Battery Type:Lead-acid/lithium battery

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Electric Forklift CPD20

Products Description

HUAYA CPD20 electric forklift is a powerful and adaptable solution designed to meet the unique demands of various industries, including chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, refrigerated storage, retail and wholesale, and warehouse and distribution sectors. The CPD20 combines advanced features and superior performance to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability, making it the optimal choice for diverse material handling needs.


In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the precise and safe handling of hazardous materials and sensitive products is critical. The CPD20 electric forklift is equipped with advanced features to meet these stringent requirements:

Explosion-Proof Designs: The CPD20 can be equipped with explosion-proof modifications to safely manage volatile chemicals and pharmaceuticals, reducing the risk of sparks and fires.

Advanced Stability Controls: Built-in stability control systems prevent tipping and ensure smooth operation, even when handling heavy or uneven loads.

Precision Handling: The CPD20 offers superior maneuverability and control, allowing for precise handling of delicate and hazardous materials.

Zero Emissions: Producing no exhaust emissions, the CPD20 maintains clean air quality within indoor facilities and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency: Designed for maximum energy efficiency, the CPD20 features long-lasting batteries that reduce the need for frequent recharging and lower overall energy consumption.

Food and Beverage, Refrigerated Storage Industries

The food and beverage industry, including refrigerated storage, demands equipment that ensures the safety and quality of perishable goods. The CPD20 electric forklift is ideally suited for these environments:

Hygienic Design: The CPD20 is constructed with easy-to-clean surfaces and materials that comply with food safety standards, preventing contamination.

Temperature Resilience: The CPD20 operates efficiently in refrigerated and frozen environments, ensuring reliable performance in cold storage facilities.

Quiet Operation: Operating much quieter than internal combustion forklifts, the CPD20 reduces noise pollution and creates a more comfortable working environment.

Advanced Safety Features: Features such as automatic speed reduction and precise handling ensure the safe transport of food and beverage products, preventing damage and spoilage.

Sustainable Operation: By producing zero emissions, the CPD20 contributes to a cleaner and healthier work environment, crucial in the food and beverage sector.

Retail and Wholesale Industries

In the retail and wholesale industries, efficiency and adaptability are key to managing high volumes of goods. The CPD20 electric forklift offers solutions that enhance operational productivity and flexibility:

Compact Design: The CPD20 is designed to navigate tight spaces and narrow aisles commonly found in retail and wholesale warehouses, maximizing storage space and improving workflow efficiency.

Quick and Easy Charging: Advanced battery technology allows for fast charging and extended run times, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Reduced Maintenance: With fewer moving parts than diesel or gasoline models, the CPD20 leads to lower maintenance costs and less frequent repairs.

Smart Technology Integration: Equipped with smart technology for real-time monitoring and diagnostics, the CPD20 helps optimize fleet management and operational efficiency.

Customizable Options: The CPD20 offers a range of customizable options to meet specific operational needs, including different load capacities, lift heights, and attachments.

Warehouse and Distribution Industries

The warehouse and distribution sectors require equipment that can handle high volumes of goods quickly and efficiently. The CPD20 electric forklift is designed to meet these demands with a range of advanced features:

High Load Capacity: The CPD20 is capable of handling heavy loads, making it suitable for the high demands of warehouse and distribution operations.

Enhanced Maneuverability: The CPD20 offers superior maneuverability, allowing for quick and efficient movement of goods within large warehouses.

Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of continuous use, the CPD20 is a reliable choice for demanding distribution environments.

Operational Efficiency: The CPD20’s advanced battery technology ensures long operating hours, reducing downtime and keeping warehouse operations running smoothly.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At HUAYA Forklift, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality electric forklifts, backed by continuous innovation and dedicated customer support. The CPD20 is a testament to our commitment, offering reliable, efficient, and sustainable material handling solutions tailored to various industries.

Item Unit Parameter

Item Unit Parameter
Model CPD20
Power type Electric
Mast type stages 2/3
Loading Capacity kg 2000
weight (with battery) kg 2850
Tire Type Solid/inflatable tires
Overall dimensions (including forks) mm 3410*1100*2130
Fork size mm 1070
Turning radius mm 2230
Drive/lift motor power kW 5.5/5.5
Battery Voltage/Capacity Ah custom



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